Flood fill anomaly

we have seen some strange behavior on occasion with flood fill. i unknowingly replicated it after @Lcamyers brought it up at the tail end of a webinar. here is the link to the start of that discussion and replication:

we documented it is on a few cases, enough to include it in an article:

any thoughts?

Was it still happening in 1.1.03?
Does it look like this?

The difference is because Flood Fill now forces “Fill Shapes Individually” instead of “Fill all Shapes at Once”, and when you have intersecting shapes, the system doesn’t consider them to be “inside” the other shapes, so they’re handled independently.

It’s not really a bug - We don’t recommend using Flood Fill for anything but very specific cases, like a large open bordered frame. I could make the code smart enough to find overlapping / intersecting shapes, but that’s going to add a bunch of complexity.


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