Flyer Holder trying to extend the back


I am trying to make a Holder for flyers. I used the Gallery - ( software an used the console template. I want to extend the back, so I have added a box but now want to cut the nodes off and the one line so the solid. I was lokking for an erase toll to remove the lines I dont want but cant seem to find it.

I have attached the drawing so you can see what I am trying to learn to do.

Consol.lbrn2 (66.0 KB)

If I understand you correctly, you want to remove all the tabs?

I would rotate. -50 dgrees the side you want to remove the tabs from, use the “Edit Nodes” tool to drag select all the nodes of the tabs, and press the “D” key.

Then you need to Edit “Close Path” to make the new shape one piece.

Draw a box and use the boolean operation to remove the tabs…


Thank you I will also try this method

If you solved the problem, what worked?

@patricr your solution is how I resolved the problem. I followed your instructions and it worked for me.

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