Focus/Machine issue with tolerances?

Hey everyone,
I’ve got a set of jobs that are needing to be cut to pretty specific sizes (+/- 0.1mm of the customers CAD file). They (my customer) is wanting a few different materials, and in the tests I’ve run I’m finding that these materials can vary by up to - 1mm on the outside measurements that I’ve done, or as little as -0.5mm. This is the same reversed for inside features (+0.5mm to +1mm.) I’m not sure if this is because of something not being aligned properly (mirror, lens, table), a focus issue, or if there’s a solution in the software that wouldn’t require me to manually offset the features to account for the growth/shrink of the features.

I have a BossLaser HP3655 (trocen controller)

Different material may have a different cut width. If the width is different, with the same material, you may have a mechanical proven somewhere. If it’s consistent, look at the kerf setting for the cut.

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