Focus sensor Switch on panel does not work. Also not from Lightburn software


This is my first post into this forum. I realy like the lightburn software let me say this at first. I’m using this software for about 2 years now. My problem is the focus sensor does not work. I’m struggling with this already a long time. What is working.:

Afcourse focus sensor is mounted. Hardware is working . I’ve got a ruida RD6445 controller board. I can see the led come up on the controller. The z-limit switch is also attached to the same input.

Initialising of the z-axis is working. If it see the z-limmit or focus sensor it wil stop on these. Adjust it with the offset written in the machine setting. So basicly i can focus by starting up initialising z-axis.

The strange part is it doies not startup when prseeing the focus button on the main panel or the lightburn button. Yes the z-axis is enabled.

As i’m saying i do a focus by homing the z-axis.

This is my second machine . The first machine i have had was the same setup . Same ruida contoller RD6445. This machine did not have this strange behaviour.

I had long conversations with the supllier of Ruida controller and they could not help me.

Does anybody have a clue or direction to seek ?

I’d be happy if there where a button in Lightburm to home z-axis. This would help me a lot for now.

Hope to hear from you.

Regards Martijn

It is counter intuitive on the Ruida controller to enable the focus feature. The setting in the menu, when activated, makes me think it is disabled.

I’ll take a picture of the settings as soon as I am near my machine. Should be in about a half hour.

Hi Jeff,

Thanks for the quick responce. The settings i have is this one. Could you please check youre filrmware version with mine ?

With this focus settings it also does not work in my situation.



Hi Martijin

I think you need to have the following settings for the autofocus
Enable Focus should be NO

Under the vendor settings and the Z tab enable reset YES

Also it may be worth noting, I did an upgrade this morning to firmware 15.01.19 and my autofocus stopped working, I had to revert to 15.01.15

Hi alancabe,

That sounds ok. Could you please suplly me this working firmware. I’m thinking it has to do something with that. I will check youre suggestion. I asked for other firmware to Ruida they do not respond to this :neutral_face:

Thanks for the information,


It is on MW Laser site in the downloads section

remember version .15

Ah thanks a lot i wil give it a try because my system was working on .17
Thanks MArtijn

Be careful and use caution if you loose power you can brick the controller. May be worth watching MW laser’s upgrade video if your unsure.

Hello Alanmccabe,

That was it great. I’m very happy. This fixed the problem. It is working now. I have had a lot of talk with the supllier and manufacture they refused to give me a firmware. They did not know about this bug.

Thanks a lot.

Great Forum :+1:

Your welcome, glad to be of help.

Sorry, I was in a longer than expected meeting. I can see from the thread you got focus to work.

I will say it appears you had it set wrong. That’s what I meant when I said the setting is not intuitive. This is the proper setting on my 6445 in order to enable the focus feature (Enable focus: No):

This topic can be closed . Thanks for the support .

Hello Downgrading to firmware version x.15 did the trick.

Thanks for the great help