Focus test continuous line

Laser wont stop in focus test and keeps a continuous line

What am I doing wrong

I’d start here and make sure all settings are correct.

I reset 32=0 to 32=1 that cured the traverse lines. But the power ratios have gone all to hell

They’ll do that if you tell the laser to go faster than allowed by the firmware limits in $110 and $111. If you tell the laser to go 5000 mm/minute at 100% power, but the firmware limits the speed to 1000 mm/minute, it will also drop the power by the same ratio, so you get the burn you asked for.

If you run the laser at 100% power, 5000 mm/minute, you would get the same result as running at 1000 mm/min at 20% power. The controller knows this, and since it can’t go faster, it drops the power instead.

So confused these days lol. Im hoping auto setup will figure it out when I reload it all later

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