Focus Test heavy burn

I was using the Focus Test and noticed the number scale was burnt almost all the way through a .25 ply material in some places. Everything else looks as I would have expected. My speed was set at 200mm and max power 25% on a 150-watt laser. At these settings using my laser it would never burn this deep. Does the power setting only apply to the lines? Any way to change number scale power setting? Any way to save the test to a file for later use without having to go through the setup? Simply curious.

A 150 watt laser is going to have a very high firing threshold, and the text is not going to run at 200mm/sec for most of it, since it’s lots of small vectors and curves. Set your power as low as you can reliably get it to fire and that should help.

We don’t have a way to save this as an editable file yet.

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