Focus Test Location on the bed

I have read numerous topics concerning the focus test, but have not found a definitive answer to how I can specify the location or placement on the bed where the test will be performed. As noted on a previous thread, the software wants to run the test toward the center of the laser bed. I don’t know if this is intentional.
Thanks for any assistance.

The location depends on the Start From mode and Job Origin position you select. Using “Absolute Coords” it will run in the center of the bed - if you’d like it to output elsewhere, you’ll need to select either “Current Position” or “User Origin” before opening the Focus Test tool.

Here’s some more information on the way these settings work:

You can test out different settings by using “Frame” before running the job.

I will be giving it a try in just a few.

Used the start from position.
Worked as you said !
I don’t know if I like the actual test. Need to work with it a couple of times.
Thanks for your help

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