Focus test - Z axis and back movement after finish


I did a focus test and I think that the order of the back movement is not the best after the work is done. My problem is that the Z axis is returned first, then the X and Y. I lowered my Z axis until the laser touched the workpiece. I set the parameters for focus test with start from 5mm. I started it. My Z is uppered with 5mm and started the focus test (perfect), but when it finished the axis is lowered until it touched the workpiece (the original position), then moved back to the XY start position. I think moving first the XY, then the Z is can be better and safer, and only lower back at the origin. Or lower back to the start Z position (5mm in this case), move back, then lower to the start.

This may be worth review:

I don’t know much about the focus testing and z-axis moves as I don’t use it on either of my engravers.

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