Focus Tube and Nozzle Sizes for Different Lenses

So on the machine I have, the laser head unit came with a 30mm OD focus tube for 25mm lenses. that tube is set up for 2.5" and 4.0" lenses. I recently got a 1.5" and 1.0" lens I can make the 1.5" work for now but the nozzle is too long for the 1.0" lens to work and there really isn’t a

So i guess my question is, does anyone know of 30mm OD focus tube and nozzle for 25mm lenses that can work with these 1.5" and 1.0" lenses?

I’ve been on amazon and alibaba but maybe I havent ben searching for the right thing, I would really like to avoid changing the whole laser head unless there is one that can support different lenses…


Have you had a look at Cloudray?
They have different diameter tubes and they also have a short nozzle that can go on the end of the tube.
I’ve got different dimensions on my machine then you so not sure if they’ll have what you need but definitely worth a look.

yes, unfortunately is seems they only support up to 20mm lenses =/

Is the issue that the focal point is in the nozzle?
Can you use two threaded washers, one as a backstop so the lens is held closer to the opening?

If the nozzle was shorter this would be possible. right now I have the 1.5 lens where the threaded washer and the back of the nozzle are clamping the lens (kind of like you mentioned with the 2 washers) the 1 inch lens would have the focal point in the nozzle no matter what as the nozzle alone is 35mm long.

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