Focus z after update

since the update when i hit focus z, the sensor does not stop the platform, and the platform raised up so high that it put a dent in the honeycomb. not sure if this is a laser issue or a software issue, but it only happened after the update. boss laser ls2436

LightBurn just sends the command - the controller executes the focus cycle using the bump sensor on the laser head. If that sensor fails to activate, you’ll get a crash. Click the Z/U button on the controller, then go to the Diagnoses page. Once there, manually bump the homing sensor up on the head and make sure the Z- limit lights up in the display. If it doesn’t, the sensor isn’t working.

They fail often, which is why so many people hate automatic Z focus.

thank you. i tried it using just the laser menu and the bump sensor engaged twice, then didn’t again. still under warranty at least.

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