Font changes size as do my layout

hello, I am laying out a dash panel and when I type in different item names the font changes size

Sorry, but I do not understand what you are saying. Can you please re-phrase and maybe add some visual representation of what you are trying to do and what you are getting that is different than you expect.

Help us to “see” what you are trying to explain and we can go from there. :slight_smile:

Not sure on how to bring the image over. But when I am laying out my dash panel (for a boat) I have switch holes and below it I want to identify what the switch is. When I do this some of the writing or font I call it changes as I go the size from each varies.

I am very new at this

tom.lbrn (19.9 KB)

Being new is great! We all started at the same place at some point. :slight_smile:

You can use your system copy and paste or use the image button to Upload an image.

This is the part I am not following. Looking at your file, it looks like the text objects have been scaled, maybe by dragging one of its handles. How did you create these text objects? Please share your step-by-step process so I can try to reproduce what you are seeing.

Ok so when I am laying out the panel i started out with the circle cut out and added the text below it, then I duplicate the circle cut out and then add the text below it aslo prior to moving on to the next one I v- center the text and horizontal align the text. its just weird how the font hieght stays the same at .1870 and the width and hieght show the same but it does not look the same on the screen or when you burn it.

Looking again at this file you have several issues I can see. You have a duplicate text object on top of another, look at the “PORT DOCK LIGHT” to see you have 2 of the same, 1 on the other. I do not see the “the width and hieght show the same” as you say.

Personally, I would start over with generating your text as these current object have been scaled and that is causing what you are seeing. This is also worth review:

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