Font cutting slot

Hello knowledgeable


I am looking for some assistance in making neon signs using the rope light.

I have tried over and over again to set the width of a font such as “Backstay”, I believe it’s a single line font and tried using the offset tool. I have been able to create an outside offset to make the bubble shape but I cannot for the life of me set an exact width in millimeters so I can then place the neon rope into the slot. The neon silicon rope I have comes in 4mm width and 6mm width approx.
I’d like to be able to set the slot width of the font an easy way.

I have seen a lot of videos of people making these signs but I can’t find anyone that shows how it can be done.

I have attached a photo for reference to what I want to do.


If you are indeed working with a single line font, then an outside offset of 2mm will create outlines that are 4mm wide. Similarly a 3mm offset will create a 6mm wide outline.

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