Font identification

Good morning Folks,

I have gone through all the normal channels of identifying a font, like “what the font”, font magic and about 4 other sites, but I have not been able to identify the font.

This is my buddy’s kennel and I am making him a collar with a stainless steel plate… swanky…
and I want to use his logo… he claimed it was “man of war” font, but nowhere near it…

Can you guys help me id this font?

Looks very similar to LHF Amarillo (

Try God of War

I use an app on my phone called Find My Font, for whatever reason it works so much better than anything else I’ve ever tried.

I think you nailed.

(What’s up with the 20 character limit?)

That was it!!! Awesome! Thank you!

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An attempt to keep people from adding “following” to posts, mostly. And if you had finished your sentence, “I think you nailed it” is 22 characters. :slight_smile:


A day late and dollar (or a period, in this case) short - story of my life!

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What the font or identifont… Googling what’s ***** font…

Or seeing if I can find a similar font then google alternatives and similar fonts, and guess work really

After awhile, youll be able to name most fonts used, or at least you’ll know a font that’s similar to the one youve seen, and you can go from there