Font problem, line mode, using latest Mac version

I’m having problems with text on a curve that is scored in line mode. The letters don’t join, nor are the letters the same height. I convert the text to curves in CorelDraw prior to exporting as SVG. Font selection doesn’t seem to make any difference—output looks the same. Am I making a simple error, or is this an issue with the latest Mac version? I have already applied the recent patch.

(Mac Mini M1 with latest OS, Boss 1420)

What is the “min” power setting in your cut layers?
As the laser slows down to negotiate a corner, the ruida controller also ramps the power down to compensate. If your “min” power is to low (like 0) then shapes tend not to cut in the corners or at the ends of lines where it slows down. Try setting “min” to about 1/2 of “max” and see what that does for you. If min power is too high then shapes tend to overburn in sharp corners.

This is 1/4” CF birch ply. The text was scored in one pass at 150mm/s, max 17, min 7 power. Full cuts were done at 7mm/s, 40%.

And these are settings you’ve used successfully before?

Has it just started happening with either a mac OS update or a Lightburn update?
There’s been mac/ruida problems lately and there’s a thread about that around here somewhere.
Here it is.

These are settings I’ve used successfully but I’m on a brand new Mac M1 using the most recent Lightburn release, including the Mac patch released a few days ago. So I’ll add this issue to the thread you shared. Thank you!

Update: it looks like a translation problem using Rosetta with curved text. I’m going to post in the other thread now.

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