Font window grayed out

All of a sudden, on one file ONLY, when I highlight any text the Font selection window doesn’t un-gray. On every other file I have (hundreds, literally) when I click every other text box I have, it makes font window un-gray/active.

But in this one file, none of the half dozen text boxes, when highlighted, will allow font change.

I’m sure it’s me, but anyone have any thoughts?


Is it actually text? Has it been converted to paths? Is it grouped?

Thanks. Grouped, yes. Converted to paths? Didn’t do that for this file, but did copy these text boxes from another file (note that this file, far as I can remember, worked fine on the fonts last time I opened it). How does one tell if they were converted to paths?

Thanks again.

BTW, used a lot of software and tried a lot of software and LIghtburn is simply awesome. I love it and am constantly amazed at the depths of it. User for a few months.

When you select actual text, you can edit it. It also will show a blue filled circle that allows you to bend the text string to form an arc.

Converted text to paths does not have the blue filled circle.

Thanks, Oz. No blue dot, so how do I “un-path”? (forgive the naivete of the question!)


One indicator is that if you un-group, you can select individual parts, like the inside of the letter O, instead of the entire string all at once. The best indicator is that none of the text options enable.

There isn’t a way to do that. Converting to path is usually done to allow node editing or customization of the shapes. It discards all the text information and only keeps the shapes themselves. It’s a bit like asking how you get the tree back from a pile of lumber.

can relate on the lumber! I’ll just do them anew. no biggie. More of a question than a problem issue. Have checked the file I brought them in from and they are not path’d on that file. And, further, they allow font change just fine in the other file. THANKS, and I don’t know how it happened, but no matter, I can work with it!


If you were exporting to SVG or AI from another program (like Corel) it gives you the option to export text entities or “curves”

ok, got it. Thanks so much for the quick help.


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