Font won't work in a line

I can’t use the typing text in lightburn. When I start the burn it stacks the letters instead of spacing them out.
Photos and shapes burn perfectly


Hi, any chance you could upload a screenshot of the project and the ‘cuts/layers’ settings.

If you turn off the laser and ‘slowly’ push it along the ‘x’ and ‘y’ axis does it feel the same in both directions? Should be very little resistance.
Also looking at the pictures, has it been burning ok as 300mm/m at 100% should be burning a lot darker than what’s in the picture.

Something is loose in your machine, or it’s not properly configured - this is not a software issue, but a mechanical one. Check to make sure the belts are tensioned well enough (and not too tight either).

It honsetly doesn’t look like loose belt issue, because each letter is ok - you might have your maximum travel speed set too high in the firmware settings. ($110 and $111)

Everything seems to be fine. It’s burning everything else well. It’s just the text it won’t do. Burning text thats part of an image is flawless.

The image is fine because it doesn’t use Travel Speed. It just moves back and forth at whatever engraving speed you’ve set.

When doing the text it burns a letter then “travels” to the beginning of the next. That travel speed between letters has its own setting and if that speed or acceleration is too high then the motor stalls and doesn’t move. Then the next letter engraves over it, again the motor stalls during travel, next letter engraves over it…

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Thank you so much. That makes complete sense. I’m still very new to lightburn. I’ll give that a try and see what happens.
I am sure it’s just something I havent set properly. I’ve made a ton of progress in learning how to use this program in the few short days I’ve been using it. I’m sure I’ll get better. Anyway, I appreciate the help!

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