Fonts looking totally wrong in preview

For some strange reason fonts which are correct whilst typing are appearing totally different on the “preview” screen. I haven’t tried cut the letter out yet, so not sure if its preview issue or it will cut wrong as well.
Please take a look at the image attached. Would appreciate any suggestions as to the cause

Check your text style. I’ll bet you have variable text turned on. Your Z-height is zero millimeters! I’ve done it with a different reference and it’s pretty goofy as you can see.

No, Variable is not on, and the machine is off that’s why 0mm
Still can’t see what’s causing this …

As stated, you have variable text set on. You need to set this back to “Normal” and it will work fine.

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It appears you’re cutting a boat decal:

I’m curious. What material are you cutting? Please do not say Oracal 651 or something similar (anything vinyl). :skull_and_crossbones:

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