Fonts moving after being saved

Hi I have been trying to produce a part with three different layers but when I save it and then return to it the layers have moved from the position that I saved them. Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong

Can you provide some screenshots? This never ever happened to me so far.

Hi Melvin

Thank you for your response to my dilemma. Firstly I am new to lasers and lightburn. In the first pic is what it should look like. But when I have saved it ind then imported it back in it looks like the second one. There are only small movements on the rings but the lettering moves about 1.5mm.

Thank you for any help you can give me.


Ah, maybe it’s just the wording, but make sure: if you save a LB file, use the “open” command from the menu. Do NOT use “import”. Import is meant for file types like SVG and DXF and the import function will change the coordinates of the objects depending on the viewpoint etc.
So if you have a LightBurn-file, always use the “save” and “open” functions.

I have a number of templates and with the templates are the lbrn files with hole positions, part outlines and other basic information used when making the complete template.

Some of these I commonly modify, like I reduce the alignment pin count, usually to about two.

All of these .lbrn file, I use import to get them into the machine. Anytime you wish to add other .lbrn files to an existing work, use import. Open acts like it’s doing a new, before loading the file… so, you can’t open a .lbrn file to add it to an existing work you have to use import.

With these I’ve never had a size issue… of course, I’m usually working with absolute coordinates when making jigs.


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Thank you both for your help. I will use open from now on.

Ok, I never tried that :slight_smile: If I want to transfer shapes from one LB file to another, I always either open both at the same time or after another and copy and paste the shapes into the target file.

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