Fonts not working correctly

Hi all.

Recently I have been finding several fonts that I use often in AI are not working in LB.

Anyone else having the same issue?

Windows current
LB up to date

PS. not the fancy glyph but the font itself. comes out ‘standard’ like times or arial


What exactly?,… can’t get the fonts into LightBurn or are they garbled? Which fonts are affected?
Have you been able to use these fonts before in LightBurn?

The computer in my office is the one that isn’t displaying the fonts correctly but the computer in my shop does.
The fonts are already installled.

Both computers are on the same OS and the same version?

Yes. Both updated to current version

The fonts are managed by the OS itself (windiws, mac os, linux), if these are the same on both computers, then I have no explanation why the fonts do behave differently. I use mac to design and linux to produce and with the same fonts installed there is no difference, as far as I have experienced with my standard fonts.

Hi all, I’m having the same problem, but I’m only using one computer. Arial black is missing in lightburn. It is installed and available in Corel. And yes I’m up to date on the LB upgrades!

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