For my Granddaughter

She is turning 5 in early July and is all about Frozen 2, so as part of her Birthday present I made this 48 inch tall Elsa cut-out for her to decorate.


Very nice piece of work grandpa,
She will love it.

That’s adorable.

I absolutely love the wood grain direction and the way it radiates and the way it enhances the dress :dress: visually Overall to compliment the laser engraving.

Very nice is it going to be taller then your little one?


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Yes by about 4 inches, I was making her a few puzzles the other day (she loves the laser) and I teased her about being able to make an “Elsa” that she can decorate that would be taller then her, well she thought that was a great idea so I made it for her

That’s a big machine! I sometimes wish I had gone with a 1300 x 900 (over my 900 x 600). Ideally, I would love a 1200 x 1200 machine (essentially 4’ x 4’) to fit half sheet material. But I haven’t ever seen that form factor offered in closed lid type machine.

I had a 1000 x 600 Bodor for almost three years and loved it, so when I decided to buy a 1300 x 900 Bodor was my natural choice and I am as happy with it as I was my 1000 x 600. I sold that one in four days on craigslist