For the CNC users here

Vectric just released version 10 of Vcarve with new features including"

PhotoVCarving, sculpting presets & overlays, optimizing clearance tools in VCarving, improved nesting, new tool database and smart folder operations.

$90 upgrade cost if you purchased Vcarve Desktop over a year ago. ($175 for Vcarve Pro)

I am very happy to see that Vcarve now has all the features of PhotoVCarve. Now I can compare wood photos between the laser and CNC

It also now allows you to select two node in node edit mode and then right and select a line or curve to connect the two nodes, this is great for closing open objects. I would love to see this in LightBurn

I assume you haven’t tried this yet?

It won’t do a curve, but it will let you close a shape with either a line or by moving the two points together.

A photo v carve from earlier today. Halftoner by Jason Dorie is an excellent programas well

Yes, Halftoner is a great program. This 3 foot square picture turned out great. But it took forever to run.

Yes, the close path in LightBurn is great and I use it all the time. But the new feature in Vcarve takes it a step further. I would love to see LightBurn offer the same easy method to join node. You can see how it works in the video below at about the 1 minute mark.

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