Forbindelse til Lasermosul (Connection to Lasermosul)

Jeg har opgraderet til Lightburn 1.4.00 , og har mistet forbindelsen til mit lasermodul, jeg er ikke nybegynder, og har prøvet med alle de drivere jeg har på PCeren, men det er ikke lykkedes, håber på hjælp

I have upgraded to Lightburn 1.4.00, and have lost the connection to my laser module, I am not a beginner, and have tried with all the drivers I have on the PC, but it has not worked, hope for help

If your computer is connected to your engraver with other Software like LaserGRBL it will prevent LightBurn from connecting through the usb port. Please confirm that you aren’t seeing other software communicating with your engraver.

In LightBurn, Please open the Console window and the Laser Window.

With the computer and the engraver powered and connected, Watch the Console window for any strange attempts at communication. If there isn’t much of anything appearing in the console window then move to the Laser window. In the Laser window, along the bottom row, click the middle button. If you are presented with a second device option that was not previously selected click it to select it, and watch the Console window for a response. if nothing interesting appears in 5-10 seconds, you can test all the selections offered.

If you do not have an option that connects you to your engraver, the usb port on your computer could have gone bad… or the USB cable that you are attempting to connect to your engraver with is bad.

Please let us know if any of these suggestions worked for you.

umidelbart kan jeg ikke få det til at virke, jeg har afinstaleret alle andre programmer, som kunne forstyrre, men kan ikke få forbindelse.det du skriver, se konsolvindue, hvor er det ?
se konsolvinduet for mærkelige forsøg på kommunikation. Hvis der ikke er meget af noget, der vises i konsolvinduet, så flyt til Laser-vinduet. I laservinduet, langs den nederste række, skal du klikke på den midterste knap

immediatly i can’t get it to work i have uninstalled all other programs that could interfere but can’t connect. what you type see console window where is it ?
watch the console window for strange attempts at communication. If there isn’t much of anything showing in the console window, move to the Laser window. In the laser window, along the bottom row, click the middle button

Ok, The Console window may not be active.

At the top bar in LightBurn, click Window.

In the long list please apply a check mark :heavy_check_mark: to Console and Laser.
If the check mark is already beside Console, the window is active but it may be under another window. If it is alreasy active, look for tabs along the bottom of the Laser window and other windows for Console.

The Console will display the messages from the controller. You can also type directly into the controller and request reports and state commands.

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