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Whats the odds of getting the current version of LB on the header of the LlghtBurn software forum summary notification emails?

Those systems are completely independent of each other, so slim to none. This is the first time we have had such a request. The software can check for updates, and when we release a new version we announce it on the website’s blog section, so subscribing to that via RSS feed or equivalent would be the best way I can suggest for “subscribing to software update notifications”.

The next release of LightBurn has an automatic daily update check built in. If you run it and there’s a new version, it will tell you, assuming your system can see the network.


I have been seeing the notification of update every time I open lightburn on one of my computers. It is already at 9.09 but still says there is new update available. Other computer is not doing this.
Any ideas what is going on.

It says “An update for your version (0.9.09) is available”. Perhaps it is trying to tell you that there is an update available for the 0.9.09 version that we sent out a few days ago.

Trust it and follow the prompts.

I guess I did not make myself clear, I have done the update on that computer three times in three days. exited the software and installed the new update. The next day it says update available again.

However the other computer I have lightburn on only notified me one time there was an update which I also perforned. That computer has not notified me again of another update.

So two computer are not doing the same thing.

My guess is that you’re installing the old version of the same update - Check to see if you have numbered downloads in your download folder, like this:


If you do, the latest one is the highest numbered one.

For the record, you’re about to get one more, but it’ll be the last one for a while now. I wanted to clean up a couple last minute things with this release, but after this we’ll be moving on to 0.9.10.

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