Found a Strange bug?


I am designing a clock in Lightburn and want to shrink the letters “TH” so that they appear as superscript. If I select them and then choose Edit/Convert to Path, the output result includes letters which I have never typed (Ëastern Standard Time").

These letters are not in my clipboard and I have never typed them on this Dell laptop - Windows 10, LB 0.9.24. I live on the east coast of Australia, it is winter time and Eastern Standard Time is correct for our clocks.

Is there any explanation for this weird behaviour?

I have attached 2 photos and 2 lightburn files.
CLOCK FACE - RECUT - b - with weird jumble.lbrn (341.8 KB)
CLOCK FACE - RECUT - b.lbrn (163.5 KB)

I worked around this problem by retyping the greeting and converting the letters to a path BEFORE I bent them into an arc. I then unjoining the letters in “Happy 14th Birthday” - this showed them in Outline although the nomenclature of the layer was still showing it as a FILL. I then regrouped all but the “TH” and then they refilled. This workaround didn’t work on the “TH” so I redid those in another layer, shrunk them and slid them over the old outlines , then deleted the old outlines and finally changed the new layer to the same colour as the older layer. Phew!


My Path solution didn’t work as the dreaded Eastern Standard Time problem resurfaced - maybe there is an issue with the (free) Nails font.

INSTEAD I retyped the “TH”, shrunk it then Converted to Bitmap, then did a Trace and finally that has dropped the E.S.T. sign in Preview. Fingers Crossed that it will work.

Hi Elayne, would like to say i could help but it’s the first time i’ve seen that one :thinking:
Good luck.

The text shape in your design is set to ‘Date/Time’:


That means it is using the ‘Variable Text’ substitution rules to convert things it finds in the text you entered into various things like the current date, time, time zone, month, day, year, etc. Change that back to “Normal” and it works as expected.

The text shape for ‘Charbel’ is also set this way.


Thanks for the answer, Oz - I once noticed that option but completely overlooked it as I imagined that it would never apply to me. Would it have switched on when I selected a circular array with 12 numbers and 60 minutes/seconds? Yes, “Charbel” changed too. On some attempts it didn’t show up until I did a preview, then from there on it always showed.

Lightburn files
CLOCK FACE - RECUT - b - with weird jumble.lbrn (341.8 KB)
CLOCK FACE - RECUT - b.lbrn (163.5 KB)
added - fell off first query

Variable text is only displayed when previewed or run on the laser, partly because you need to be able to edit the source text containing the substitution rules. Any time you create a piece of text and change the settings (font, bold, etc) those changes ‘stick’, and the variable text option is similar. I think I’m going to make the variable text one reset though - it’s relatively rare that you’d intend to make multiple text objects in a row with variable text options, and it’s easy to set them after the fact, or just copy an existing one, so this will likely be less problematic for people.

Thanks for the full explanation; am constantly astounded at the depth of Lightburn.