FoxAlien Reizer Mega 20W Laser Engraver finding device

OK, I am new to the laser world and bought a FoxAlien Mega as my entry. Once assembled I loaded the GRBL software that came with the machine and after some searching for an actual test file, I was able to burn an image. Yeah! I then loaded the Lightburn software and followed the directions. with GRBL software off and laser on and connected, when I search for the device and got nothing. So, I tried loading manually. I now have some action; the laser head moves through the patterned but does not burn/turn on. This is very frustrating and could use some simple explanations.

What setup did you follow?

Did you set speed and power in Lightburn to something similar as in the supplied software.?


I tried to set it up in manual using GRBL and set my dimensions.

Where do I find the setting to adjust the speed and power?

Did you follow this documentation?

This might also help to read, they reference the grbl setup also.

You need to cruise through these documents and it will help you learn how to drive your laser and what’s important to know.

You can skip section you don’t care about, but you will be aware of them.

There is documentation on setting your ‘cut/layer’ which is where the power speed are located.

There are also plenty of videos on using Lightburn as a beginner I’d suggest you watch a couple of them …

Good luck


Thank you very much!! I will give this a browse, already noted a few things to change.

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