FR: Calculate Total Engraving Area

it would be amazing to have the option to show the actuall engraving area of the current choosen project, for an alternative price calculation.
the measumerment tool wont work when you have a multi segment logo

You can add new ideas here: feature request board.

I base my price to include laser time (laser lifetime hours / cost of machine = cost per hour) to simplify the calculation. I figure by the time the laser goes out, there will be no replacement module available. Thus I use purchase cost of machine when it was new. This helps factor in maintenance costs too.

In your case, you might add in the cost of a few replacement tubes to the “new” price. I know the tubes have a much more limited lifetime than the diodes.

normally i would agree, but i have costumers that place their orders according to the engraved area, so a middle time for 1cm² will be calculated and the rest will be calculated according to the engraved area.
there will be all costs already included.

How about the “Cut distance” in the preview window. Although this gives a linear value (which might suffice as it is) you can calculate the area by multiplying it by the “Line Interval” value in the cut settings editor dialogue.

Hope this helps.

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yeah might be a way, but not really productive

The Measurement Tool displays the area of the (closed) shape under the cursor.

If you group several closed shapes together, it will return their total area, which may be you want.

Depending on what you’re engraving, you could draw a bounding box around the figure. Although that will be larger than the actual engraved area, the estimate will be more time-accurate because the laser head motion includes the overscan area on either side of the engraving.

no the messurment tool work not as you discribe it.
it always show 1 segment allone, not all together, neither if grouped or ungrouped

You’re right!

AFAICT, I picked a test shape, duplicated it, grouped the clones, then hovered too close to an adjacent shape with about twice the area. Doing that correctly shows I got it wrong the first time.

Sorry about that …

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Sorry to step in.
I think the best near option is:

  • . Select all your shapes.

  • , Select Create rubber-band outline from selection

  • . Use measurement tool on the rubber band gives the area.

  • .Take note of the value of the area

  • .Delete rubber-band shape.


dont worry, it could be that i made a mistake and didnt seen it

if you have white spaces inbetween you’re not even close at the end, that might be a way if you have a dark pattern