Frame and marking not aligned or scaled properly

I have a LaserStar FiberCube 3800 Jewelry Series. I just switched from ezCAD to Lightburn, so I am very new to the program.
The Issue:
The laser is marking VERY off-center, about 4mm Northwest from the center. After playing with the settings, I was able to get the laser aligned fairly well through trial and error using the red dot settings in “Device Settings.” After aligning, I noticed the 1mm circle I was made is marking as about 1.5mm. Is there an easier way to align and scale everything properly? Or should I just continue to play around with the device settings until I get the parameters close enough?
I have seen others using a “start from” setting listed below the laser menu, but my menu does not have that option. I am on the free trial of LightBurn if that affects the available tools.

All feedback is greatly appreciated!

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