"Frame" and "move" stopped working but will still print

Unit has been working great. Suddenly any time I press Frame, instead of framing, it will go to certain coordinate and freeze or creep in place with a humming noise. same is tru if I try to move with arrows.

Please advise

If it was working and you did not change anything, it would indicate a hardware problem. But I do not know those machines to make a good diagnosis.

The Outur section would have been a better place to post this.

@OrturTech is very good with these machines… Hopefully he’ll hear us talking about him and add his expertise.

Always a good idea to include the firmware of what you are running along with the Lightburn version.

The machines firmware is usually displayed in the ‘console’ when the machine boots.

This is from my ‘console’ from my grbl boot. Cut/paste is quick and easy, but the version is 1.1f

Waiting for connection...
Grbl 1.1f ['$' for help]
Target buffer size found


Connect to lightburn
In console type
press enter
Then type
press enter
Post output here please?

The speed in the move window had changed to 22mm/m and that controls the frame speed :roll_eyes:

Thanks for the responses and the help!

can you mark this Solved so others don’t waste their time reading through a fixed problem?

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