"Frame" Button is not working properly

Hello Community, I hope this message finds you well!

I have been using Ortur Laser Master 2, combined with Lightburn for around 3 weeks. In the beginning everything was alright, however 5-6 days ago, and without me changing any settings, I have noticed the following errors/malfunctions

Issue No.1: “Frame” button is not working properly: As I open a .png file, and hit “Frame”, the process starts all ok up until the laser head hits approx. halfway of the overall rail distance. Then it suddenly stops, as if something is bothering it from going any further. (you can see here). As a direct consequence of that, any attempt using more than half of the available space ends up in layers of data being engraving one on top of each other, in an overlapping fashion, which sucks big time!

Console presents the following message sequence:
Starting stream
Stream completed in 0:00
[BMA250:(277) Shock and Movement detected!]
Ortur Laser Master 2 Ready!
OLF 140.
Grbl 1.1h [’$’ for help]
[MSG:’$H’|’$X’ to unlock]
[MSG:Caution: Unlocked]

As you understand with that error only half of the engraving surface is available for use. I have tried the following:

  • Checking all wire connections / stripe connections and rail/wheel function. All good.
  • Re-installing Ortur Laser Master 2 within the LightBurn interface.
  • Zeroing all coordinates in case something was off.

Issue No.2: Sometimes (and potentially as a result of Issue No.1, I’m wondering?) after engraving the laser head freezes at the absolute last engraved coordinate, instead of returning to 0,0 position.

Please find attached, some printscreens from what I see on my end, in case that’s helpful:

If I’m missing something apologies in advance, I am fairly new to this! I will be at your disposal for additional information.

Cheers from Crete, Greece!

That sound at the end of the video sounds like a stepper motor skipping steps. There may be something preventing free movement of the carriage or gantry. That may be what is setting the “Shock and Movement detected” alarm.

Upon closer inspection of the video, you can see the rod that joins both sides of the Y axis quit rotating and jitters while the sound is occurring. This is a sure sign of skipping steps. Check for binding of the Y axis there. Something is stopping it there and that sudden stop is enough to move the machine slightly and set off the movement detection on the motherboard.

I had something very similar the other day.
would start off framing and stopped the same as yours, i checked everything and found that the whole framework had moved just enough to mess things up, don’t know how but when i squared it up again it ran fine, probably not the same but worth a check.

When you say “check the binding” are you referring to the stripes that touch the moving gears?

Thanks for the info, I will definitely have a look!

Try switching it off and manually pushing it up and down the ‘x’ several times to see if you can feel anything binding and the same with ‘y’.

Those are what we call belts. They are technically GT2 belts.

By binding i’m referring to something preventing an axis from moving freely. As Kris1 said

Be sure the power is off, and move the Y axis slowly, there should be only minor resistance, and it should be an even amount of resistance from one end to the other. Do not move the axis extremely quickly, as the stepper motors can act as generators and create electricity that not all motherboards are too fond of. Going slowly prevents a high voltage backfeed to your motherboard, and keeps things happier in the electric brains.

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