Frame exceeds bounds of machine


I have run about 36 tumblers on the boss rotary with no issues.
Powered everything off. Had dinner and went to get back at it.
But now I receive “Running this frame might exceed the bounds of your machine” when I frame the job.

If I bypass and actually run the job it gets about three quarters finished and the machine terminates the job.

Nothing has changed…from what I can tell.

Please help!!!

From: LightBurn errors - LightBurn Software Documentation :slight_smile:

Cut might be out of bounds error

If you get a pop-up that your cut might be out of bounds, there are a few common causes:

  • You’re using a ‘Start From’ setting like ‘User Origin’ or ‘Current Position’, but don’t understand how those work, or haven’t chosen an appropriate job origin setting. Try using ‘Absolute Coords’, and read here to understand how the different modes work: Coordinates and Job Origin
  • Your artwork exceeds one or more of the boundaries of your laser - make sure the art fits, and that if you have Overscanning or Kerf offset enabled, there’s room for the overscan / kerf moves

Thank you for the quick reply. I have made a habit of using User Origin. It’s seems to be easier for my. I place my material and then line up dead center making minor adjustments upon framing.

In this particular situation I’m using the rotary for tumblers. I ran a few dozen with no problem. Haven’t changed any settings, and am all of a sudden receiving the error. I was able to finish my run after reading some canned responses (which are often very helpful). I switched to Absolute Coordinates and then manually adjusted my origin. Unfortunately this is a temporary fix and doesn’t help me understand why the issue occurred.

I’m grateful for this forum as it has become invaluable to my small business.

Thank you all.

Good day.

I recently experience the same problem. Where you able to finally find a solution ?