Frame Function failures

Ruida 644xg Morn 80w MT_L960

With the new upgrade #13 I no longer have the Frame functions.
The frame Functions worked fine on previous versions.

I can cut and engrave just fine with this upgrade.

Can you do this too?

LightBurnLog.txt (4.5 KB)

LightBurnLog.txt (5.5 KB)

Here is the second one, I forgot to delete the log from before hope that is not an issue.
If so I will run both again .
Thanks for the help

That’s ok - the log just appends, and there’s a timestamp so I can tell the runs apart. Checking now.

You’re using a Ruida 320? Is that right? It’s possible the flags are different between the different Ruida versions. I’ll know more when I get some info back from the other users, but this is a decent clue.

Download from the same link I sent and try again. It should frame now.

I have 644xg listed, and that has been running since original install last year.

Strange - your machine ID is different than I’d expect, but the posted version should fix the issue.

I do not know the real # to use, that is what installed on first use.
It has worked fine 'till the last update.

I mean, the ID that the controller returns me when I ask, “what are you?” is different than I expected. Regardless, the version posted to that same download link should now frame for you.

I re loaded #13
Frame !!! Seems to work fine.
Thanks for the new updates and all this support.

And so it goes…

My 633 had the same ‘no frame’ issue. I found this thread and gave the download a try. It fixed it for me, too.

I’m having same issue on my MacBook Pro. Updated to 13. Frame ran great in 12. Tried link below, would not work on Mac its .exe (windows)

The fix has been verified by enough people that it’s in and ready for 0.9.14. I’m hoping to put that out tomorrow, maybe Friday - just waiting a little to see if anything else comes up.

Thanks for the fix and maintenance on the amazing software!

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