Frame issues, newbie here

Ok I can’t get the software to use the frame feature. I have to have that to know where I’m gonna be engraving. I click the frame button and it does nothing, please help me

It works on selected objects. the preview shows everything “enabled” in the work area.

Yes I am having the same issue, it first said something like ‘outside of exempt area’ then i changed the origin setting to ‘current position and user defined’ still no go. It now says’ x slop over, continue press enter cancel press escape’ if I hit enter it does frame it but only a portion of it, like less than a quarter down the left side only.

The only other thing I have done since this stop working properly is delete all the files that were on the machine. I have only used it twice. Have had a few issues already so not over pleased. If i get any answers elsewhere i will put it up here. I have checked the other persons reply but that was fine.

Using 100w Thunder Nova 35.

afraid this is beyond my experience, support should be along help soon. if not mention Oz in a message and someone should give you a hand. (I hope that’s alright)

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