FRAME Malfunction

I am currently fumbling my way around an Atomstack A20 Pro and experiencing a problem with the FRAME function. It’s probably something that I’ve done wrong as a newbie, rather than a problem with the software.

  1. On clicking FRAME, the laser launches and travels to it’s destination.
  2. On arrival, it slows down and appears to go through the burning procedure, but with no flame.
  3. The laser fails to respond to the PAUSE/RESUME button, but will respond to the STOP and HOME button. What have I done wrong?

Thanks for your help

In Device Settings, do you have the Enable Laser fire button and Laser on when framing both on with a value set?

Thank you for responding, Tim. Yes, I’ve checked the two settings that you mentioned. I adjusted “on when framing” and that helped a little, in that the PAUSE / RESUME button are now working. However, the laser still fails to complete its cycle. Here’s a screenshot of the latest CONSOLE message.

Thanks again.

Some lasers will not fire below a certain power level, in the settings try increasing the $ power to 15-20% and work up/down from there.

Alarm 3 basically says the E-Stop button was hit. This can be triggered by:

  1. Communications issue (USB)
  2. Fire sensor
  3. Heat sensor
  4. Open door sensor
  5. E-Stop switch (open intermittent), not very likely because it kills power to the controller.

These are listed in the order of most likely.

I think the E.Stop may have been the reason. Thanks.

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Let us know for sure.

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I recall using the E.Stop at one point when the pause/stop button failed to function.

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