Frame on virtual array that is output OFF frames anyway

First, I LOVE the virtual array feature. But I have one issue with it. When I create a virtual array, then set the layer it is on to Output OFF, then execute a frame, the frame includes the virtual array. If I perform the cut, the virtual array is not cut (good) and in preview, the virtual array is not shown being cut. It’s just the frame that seems bolloxed up.

Thanks - I’m looking into this.

@mikeabuilder I’ve confirmed this is actually by design. The framing will always include everything as to indicate the entire design area - this is because even if you have a cut layer turned off it will still effect the job start origin. If it didn’t it would mean that your design could shift around as you enabled/disabled output on various layers. This is mainly for when you have “Start From” set to Current Position or User Origin but we keep it the same for Absolute Coords to keep things consistent. The frame is always supposed to be representative of the entire design area.

I think we may be talking about different things when we say “Frame”. I think you are referring to the frame that encloses the whole design (except maybe parts of images that are masked) and that frame is used when setting the Job Origin. I’m talking about the step in the cutting process where I select the “Frame” button In the Laser Window. This controls the laser and moves it around the maximum extents (I’m trying not to say “frame” here) of the shapes to be cut. These should be the same shapes that are shown in the preview window.

The problem I observed was that when the virtual array was set with Output OFF, the movement of the laser tried to outline the array. At the time this happened, I double checked the preview window and it (correctly) did not show the virtual array.

I also need to add that I posted this issue last month, but I ran into it after one of the first releases of virtual arrays, probably last fall. I should have, but didn’t verify the behavior on the latest release.

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You’re right. I misunderstood - I’m looking into it.

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