Frame option T1 and 2 problem

I just bought the Ortur master 2 pro.
And everything qas perfect till i try to use T1 frame option to engraving. And machine goes crazy. Every time i want to engrave the file it start from whatever point it decides itself or stops completely and not even home button work.
I send 20 emails to Ortur Fort and back and they couldn’t figure it out .
And i just decides ro engrave different file and i wasn’t using and frame colour and everything was perfect.
And then i noticed maybe frame option is the problem so i put T1 frame around the same file and laser start playing around again.
So wondering if any of you kind people have solutions for this.
P.s : i uninstall light burn and install it again with complete clean uninstall and still same problem

Can you show a screen shot or attach a file that is giving you these problems?

This one

Please also share the file, so we can review here.

It won’t let me do it here can you send me an email please

I have updated your profile. You should be able to upload the file now. :slight_smile:

Thanks for that but i found the problem.
Basically when i was using the current position I was using my hand for last perfect alignment and that was making light burn or ortur pro to hang​:zipper_mouth_face::zipper_mouth_face::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:.
Now i only use light burn for half millimetres adjustments and everything work as it should.
I think that half millimetres move by hand make machine to trigger the alarm or something. But this is the file any way.and thank you so much again for all your replies
FOE LIGHT BURN.lbrn2 (51.0 KB)

Yeah, you can’t move the machine by hand when it’s on - the laser only knows where it is by knowing how far it has been moved from commands and keeping track of that. If you move it by hand, it still thinks it is where it was before. Glad you were able to figure it out.

Thank you so much for all your helps

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