Frame running from current position in user origin mode

When running the laser with ‘Start From’ set to ‘User Origin’ mode the frame runs from the current position of the head rather than the set origin. The cut itself runs from the correct location regardless of head position. I tried both the regular square frame and the circle frame. This causes much confusion among our members.

This is on a Ruida RDC6442G running 8.00.58 and LightBurn 0.9.07.

Unfortunately there’s no way I can ask the controller for the user origin location that I know of. If you’re in “User Origin” mode you would either have to make sure to hit Esc on the controller to move the head to the user origin location before framing, or use Send to upload the job to the controller and frame it there.

Well, it starts from the origin when I hit the start button in LightBurn, could you just send a tiny cut at 0% power to move it to the origin before starting?

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