Frame slop and acceleration/ scanning offset

I’m a few weeks into tweaking my 50w (300x500) grey/blue ruida controller laser.

I was having positioning trouble/repeatability errors on laser cuts, and slowed the acceleration way down, which helped.

I’m getting a weird result on my test cuts for Scanning Offset Adjust:1555368266564391933490608204866|243x500

See the top and bottom line of the 100mm? They start and end halfway thru the box? Any ideas?

50w Chinese blue/gray w/Ruida

The only thing I can think of that would cause that would be if the top rectangle was subtly rotated. Do you have the file you made for this?

I do!

I don’t think it’s skewed. The other rectangles were actually all copied from that first one, then aligned. Hmm It’s a quirky mystery. My machine and I have been getting to know each other, but it’s kinda one-sided. :slight_smile:

test align.lbrn (9.3 KB)

I looked, and you’re right - there’s no skew, and I don’t see anything else that looks like it would cause that either. Is it consistent?

Yes, but just on that first one. I deleted it, replaced with a new box, and all is well. It filled correctly this time. (shrug)