Frame slop error parameters

Curious…is there a setting that determines what the error parameter setting is for a frame slop error (ruida). I still think they misspelled that…frame slap maybe…anyway. I get why we cant etch right to the end of the x/y bed but when I am running real slow it seems an inch all the way around or more is a bit much.
Just curious if it is something I can at least see what that parameter is rather than guessing. I would have thought it would be variable depending on speed and size but seems it is about an inch all the way around if I had to guess…and I am.

Curious about this too, just encountered it yesterday for the first time.
The laser shut off briefly on a couple of segments that were at the edge of the bed.

I have been looking into this the past day. Would seem that where you set the origin to might affect it at least on some lasers. I will have to test this further as I usually do not engrave close to the bed parameters but I did yesterday. One little note I saw was to not start in the middle but at the 0,0 corner. I usually do center as I have a registration marke dead center but I will try on my larger designs to start closer to 0,0 verses center and see if that is why there is such a gap.

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