Frame slop question?

It has been a few months and I’ve been learning the ins and outs of my machine. It is a 5030 China laser with a Ruida Controller. Love Lightburn as its made life easing importing DXF files from Fusion etc. I’m still trying to wrap my head around frame slop error. It seems to be a popular problem. I’m reading a lot and continuing to read as I post this. I’m curious as to why when I ask Lightburn to move around the frame of my cut it does successfully, but when I go to start the cut I will get frame slop error. I don’t believe Im riding the sides too tight, and like I said the machine successfully follows the border of the design. Could I not have a setting correct? Is this a possible workaround?

Here is my design shot.

Press Ctrl+Shift+A (see everything) and then Ctrl+A (select everything).

Often you’ll find you have a stray line somewhere outside the visible part of the workspace. You can also flip temporarily to ‘User Origin’ and then change the job origin to the 4 corners to make sure the green square goes where you think it should. With what you’re showing here, the bounds from selecting everything or showing the green dot should be within your page boundary by a couple mm at least. If it’s not, you have a stray bit.

Seems like everything has clean edges with no extra lines. I did notice something interesting that I changed this evening in Lightburn. My cut space was set to 508x305 instead of 500x300. The laser was rated for 20x12in so maybe when I first used lightburn I had it set to that and it has been displaying a larger space than I actually have. Everything still fits but might be a little tight to the left and right. I live in an apartment and my laser is housed in my garage on the other side of the complex so I wont get to the chance to fiddle till tomorrow. Dont like people knowing what I have tucked away so I typically cut during work hours.

Checked today. That was the problem. The cut space in Lightburn was not set correctly to match ruida. So even though there was no physical lines the space itself made the slop error. I readjusted, everything fits, and when I commenced the cut I had no issues! So relieved. Trying to go for efficiency here and that was a road block of my own creation.

Happy to hear it’s all sorted out.

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