Frame Slop with Camera Calibration

I have the Lightburn 8MP camera which I just installed on my 9060 laser with the RUIDA6445 controller. I was able to complete the dot pattern lens calibration without problems. However, when I get to the camera alignment wizard and get to the pattern burn step, I hit the frame button and it runs the pattern perimeter fine, the image of the pattern is displayed correctly on the Lightburn desktop. If the scale is set to any value above 99 the controller gives me the “Frame Slop Error”. If I ignore the error, only 1/2 of the pattern is etched. calibration that shows 1/2 of the image. I am on the latest Lightburn 09.24 version. Also, the starting position is always in the middle.

I have a 85 degree 8MP camera. In the camera wizard I tried both standard and fish eye. The wizard results has better the standard lens selected. My bed is 1000 X600. The laser controller is RUDI. Everything seems to go well until calibration section of the software. ANY scale factor above 99 results in “Frame Slop” Clearly I have some parameter selected improperly. The coordinate parameter is absolute. Any help would be appreciated.

I believe I’ve stumble upon my problem. So, for what it’s worth, under the icon “Devices” I had two devices: Ruida, and Ruida 644XG. With the Ruida device selected I was unable to use a scale factor above 99 without the error message “Frame Slop”. When I selected Ruida 644XG I was able to increase the scale factor appropriately.