Frame slop with sn 1812

Ichave an ap lazer sn 1812 i have a design rhat is well withim the emgravimg size amd keep gettimg frame slop cant figure it out has anyone had rhis problem

When engraving an image, the laser head continues past the end of the line; this is known as overscan. The faster the engraving speed, the more overscan there will be. The frame slop warning occurs when the engraving is too close to the edge of the workspace. So, either move your engraving away from the edge or, if the engraving is as large as the workspace, make it a bit smaller.

Frame slop means your design is going past the machine borders. You’ll get a different error, “not enough extend space”, if it’s the overscan issue.

I’m guessing you’re placing the art incorrectly, or not understanding the origin options, which is very common for new users. This should help:

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