Framing and coordinate problems

I’m at a loss here. When I frame using user origin it doesn’t frame in the correct position. There is also issues with using ‘Get Position’ and saving positions. I’m not sure if there’s a grbl setting causing problems or a setting in Lightburn I need to change?

Please see video as I’m not sure how to explain this in a concise way.

job origin and user origin are two different functions. try selecting a center job origin and then framing from user origin. maybe try “clear origin” then “set origin” from the move window.

let me know if that helps.


maybe you have some input?

Can you provide the following to help further troubleshoot:

  1. Upload the same .lbrn file that you were using in the video. If you don’t want to share the file for whatever reason can you take a full screenshot of LightBurn with the design showing and have the Cut window visible?
  2. Can you confirm if you have homing switches on your machine?
  3. Run these commands in Console and return output. Omit the first command if you do not have homing switches as that will attempt to home the machine. Do a manual home of your machine before running these commands in that case:

I want to make sure you’re not running an inadvertent offset.


It would appear the inadvertent offset is exactly on point. I shut the laser down and launched Lightburn again. Had a look at the console and noticed Y was showing as 20.995mm for WCO. Rehomed issued a G10 L2 P1 X0 Y0 and now it’s all good. Mpos still shows as 0.995 on X and Y after homing, presumably due to pull off but that doesn’t seem to be relevant to positioning.

What was really throwing me off was why it was framing to one spot and file running in another spot. Not sure why offset would apply to one and not the other.

Thanks for your input!

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