Framing and Estimated Time

Hi All. I am running an HP3655 with Trocen AWC1800B01D and having two issues.

The framing feature still does not work on v9.14 for me, had to roll back to 9.10. It seems no matter where origin is, it frames above where it is supposed to start…

Secondly is the estimated time. Just ran a job that estimated 18+ minutes and too 34+
I have adjusted device settings read from controller but still not matching.

Any thoughts?

The framing issue is fixed - it was a difference in the data transmission format between USB and Ethernet (I tested on Ethernet, not USB).

For the preview timing, it’s never going to be 100% accurate, but that seems like a pretty large difference. What was the content of the job? Engraving? Lots of small cuts? A mix?

it was… a sequence game board

Why so many seemingly identical layers? (completely off topic, I realize, but curious)

Please, go off topic. Maybe that’s the issue, I changed each column to a different color and it shaved about an hour and 20 minutes off of my time. Bad idea I guess?

Not bad, just that there are different ways to accomplish the same result without taking up all the layers. You effectively want scanning to happen per vertical row, correct? Select the content you have in each vertical row and group it, and use ‘Fill groups together’ - that’s probably the simplest way. Then, if you need to tweak the fill setting you’re only doing it to one layer instead of 10 of them.

You could also just group each ‘cell’ as you’ve drawn them, and that would have the same overall effect.

Watch here:

Using which Optimization Settings and how do you have these Fills setup?

In particular this?


I provide this video, starting about 2:20 in or so, which covers a suggested workflow to get the best possible cut plan for this type of work.

If you set it up that way, you could also turn off “order by layer” and the software would still do the black cutout line last, but would be free to order within the cut any way it likes, or you could set “Order by Group”, and if you grouped each tile, it would run each one to completion before moving onto the next.

thank you so much

that’s great too

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