Framing and mirroring issues

I’ve been on here asking questions about my Neje Max 2s it seems nothing is correcting the problems my question is now can I start all over as the first time I introduced my laser into light burn if so how do that and also do I have to flash the Grbl software to start over,thanks. The issues are the framing is opposite where I send it and also the files are all mirrored

Sounds like the origin of the software or the hardware is different. This is the most common cause.


I’m sorry to say but I do not know what to do with this information as my previous question I was asking but thank you for your time still have issues

Did you follow any kind of setup for that machine with lightburn?

I don’t have one of those machines, so I’m not sure exactly…

Does your machine move to a certain place when you power it up… does it ‘home’?

If so, is the origin in “Edit → Device Settings” set at the same corner?


I don’t remember the setup it’s been a couple years but it does home in the upper left corner and in the device settings I have it also in the upper left corner. Just when I try framing it’ll move to the opposite side of the workspace… thank you for all your help appreciate it just wish it was an easy fix I used it a lot for my small business

It might be an easy fix, but I don’t know what else to have you check.

Hang in there one of the other people probably know…

Good luck


Thanks buddy appreciate your time

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