Framing / Disconnecting Intermittently

Good Morning from Port Elizabeth, South Africa,

I’m experiencing a problem that appears to go beyond the technical capabilities of the supplier of my fibre laser.

It is a 20W Recus JCZFibre and comes with EZCAD2 on purchase. However, as Lightburn is more superior, I immediately purchase the registration and installed LB.

Everything worked without any glitches for the past 3 weeks, and since Monday, the connection to LB is intermittently saying ‘’Framing, Disconnecting’’ I have a one time briefly saw a message at the bottom of LB “Board Signature not recognised’’. It also does not matter which Laptop I connect, it still gives the same message.

(I’m connecting the laser directly on the USB port on the laptops)

I’ve bought 4 new USB cables, un/ reinstall LB 10+ times to no resolve.

Can you please, please respond with a solution as the work is stacking up.

Thank you very much.


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