Framing does not work on my Xtool F1

When trying to frame my design in LightBurn using my Xtools F1, the blue laser does a rectangle which is not the outline I am looking for and then it completely unfocused. Meaning, after clicking on frame button it will loose focus and both laser dots are completely misaligned without any way to fix it unless I do a reboot. I have tried to click the blue laser first and then frame like a YouTuber suggested but had no luck. It seems to be a communication error. Any suggestions or help regarding this issue?. What can I do?.

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I have the same problem. just starting to use the xtool and lightburn.

I gave up trying to use Light Burn for my F1…well partially. I still prepare my arts and initial design on Light Burn but then have to export an SVG file into XTools Creative Space to control my F1. Basically, using both softwares until the F1 has proper support from Light Burn.

Thanks for the info. I was trying that and had extra lines show up in the design after transferring to xtool software. Do you do anything specific when you transfer your svg?

I had the same problem when importing an SVG from Illustrator but not from Light Burn. What has worked for me until now is making sure the imported shapes are set to “engrave” which in other terms is basically making sure the shapes are “fill”. I still get weird shapes imported along with Illustrator but have manage by “ungrouping” and deleting the unwanted shapes. Like I said this has been my experience by importing from Illustrator but if you can take anything from it: try making sure that the shapes are filled in before exporting your SVG and see if that helps.

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Thank you very much for the response. Clears up the not knowing if it’s a problem unique to me:) appreciate it.

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