Framing issues today

I’m not quite sure how to exactly explain this, but I set my T1 box for framing. It’s supposed to be a square, but when I hold Shift and frame, it acts as if it will frame the square. However, it cuts across the middle of the material instead of going all the way around it.

I tried to get a video of what the fram is doing im not sure what is needed

We may have to cut the problem in half a couple of times to sort it.

If you’re willing, copy the box from T1 into a typical cut-layer that’s not in use.

Set it to cut at 0.5% (half a percent power) and the high speed that would be used for framing. It’s a fake-frame on a real layer.

The tool layers are generally not involved with framing but there is an optional setting to include them.

If you get a half-coaster outline like your video, the next step may be axis calibration (or turning off the rotary enable setting).

If you get your desired square you can keep the fake-frame layer or fiddle with the tool layer to get it included.

Not quite sure I understand so make a layer then put what i want to frame in it then click frame ?

We have a few unknowns here.

The frame might not be square for three or four reasons. Frame could be too fast, Frame could be influenced by other stuff on other layers. Machinery could be loose - we don’t know.

I feel that the best way to break up this riddle is to turn off the art, copy the ‘square’ from the tool layer into an unused layer.

Set that layer to cut at super low power (not even using frame) so, it may move slower.
This way it won’t ruin material and so you can confirm that it does or does not produce a square.

If it doesn’t ‘produce’ a square as intended then it’s probably related to the mechanical part of the machine. If the square improves it we may be looking for speed related behavior or the way the framing was set up with the tool window.

I was in a bit of a rush when I did this, but what I did was remove the T1 and then created a square layer around the image. I slowed down the speed, and it seemed to frame correctly. I’ll try again after my appointment just to confirm. If it fails, I’ll let you know. Either way, I do appreciate your help.

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