Framing problem II

Lightburn and this new laptop are going to be…
I was getting a reversed (both X and Y) engrave but I think I have that solved.
Now the framing is above the laser dot but it engraves the same distance below the dot. This developed as I was trying to zero in the red laser offset. Also I have it engraving a .1 in circle but it engraves fine once or twice then nothing!
Also I am getting the Out of Bounds warning most of the time

Thanks in advance for any help

Laser tab - Current position, lower left
Device settings - Laser offset enabled 0 X 20.5 Y Origin top left Return to finish position enabled

BTW X Tool 40w Windows 11

This implies that you did not use the .lbdev file provided by xTool to setup your device in LightBurn. I suggest you recreate the device using the .lbdev file and instructions.

Use LightBurn to Operate xTool D1 Pro – xTool

Assuming that your device is configured properly you will never get this if you adhere to all of the following:

  1. You always home your laser before the start of any session.
  2. Never move the laser head by hand. Use jogging controls exclusively.

Furthermore, I’d suggest you stick to Absolute Coords until you are very familiar with the function of your laser and LightBurn.

One note, I believe the 40W unit requires a different pointer offset in Edit->Device Settings. It should be changed to Y -21mm.

Set the Laser Positioning Offset – xTool

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