Framing will not complete totally

I have an Ortur LM2 Pro. I recently did the new lightburn update and now the framing isn’t working properly. Yesterday it would frame approx. 1/4 of the project, today it is framing about 90% of the project but just stops and it says the machine is busy. Any suggestions?

There are a few versions of the Laser Master 2 Pro. They’re painfully similar but may require different approaches to solve this.

When you first connect to the LM2 Pro it will spit out a welcome message with the Model number, Firmware revision level and GRBL options. Please copy and paste that message into a reply here. It will go a long way to getting to the solution you need.

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Lightburn support emailed me back suggesting that I update firm wear on the laser. Did that and now it seems to be working properly! Apricate it!

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