Franken Laser will not burn

So I bought the new LU2-4 laser and have retrofitted it to my LM2 (the plug on the new wiring harness is a square plug, the old is a rectangle). I had the 7w laser previously and wanted more power. I can make the gantry move and even frame where I am trying to burn. If I hit the fire button I get no dot and the laser head doesn’t appear to power up. I’ve made sure the same color wires go to the same color wires on the new laser module and I still get nothing. I’m not electronically inclined enough to what is going on. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I keep getting this error. I moved the homing switch when I mounted the new module because it was hitting the front rail.

Hello there. I’m pretty sure your problem is voltage related. The LM2 is a 12v system, and the LM2 Pro is a 24v system. The LU2-4 is not compatible with the mainboard/power supply of the Laser Master 2.

So unless you made modifications to account for this, the module just can’t get the power it needs to fire.

As far as your homing error, that again is a compatability issue. The limit switch on the front left of the machine is in a different position on the LM2 Pro vs the LM2 to account for the different laser module design. That issue is an easy fix, just attach a 2 cm offset block to the gantry so it hits the limit switch before the head runs into the frame. But you’re still gonna have the issue of using a 24v laser with a 12v system as previously described.